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Richard Sherman and the very real rewards for bad behavior

No harm, no foul. Richard Sherman and Erin Andrews pose for photos following the famous outburst.

No harm, no foul. Richard Sherman and FOX Sports reporter Erin Andrews pose for photos following the famous outburst.


“Richard Sherman could stand to make about $5 million in endorsements — all because of his 15-second rant moments after helping the Seattle Seahawks get to the Super Bowl.”

Well there you have it. But make no mistake- no sponsor would be floating this money like that Colin Kaepernick pass if you weren’t willing to buy what they have to sell.

Personally, I have absolutely no issue with what Sherman did on the field.

I played semi-pro football. For the casual fan, suffice it to say that you should cling to your Disney/Rudy ideals of brightly adorned warriors waging chivalrous battle.

Those who have played the game know what happens on the field is a little different than what you actually see on your TV- even in HD.

Sherman and Richard Crabtree are ballers. These are highly competitive men playing a game with an emotional intensity you cannot begin to understand unless you’ve strapped on the pads yourself.

What happens between those lines is their business.

And…to Sherman’s defense, all he was trying to do after destroying the 49ers last gasp at a championship was offer his opponent a handshake and a hearty “Hell of a game!” It was Crabtree who put up his hand in Sherman’s face and gave him a rather ungentlemanly shove. 

Check out this video…

Richard Sherman Screenshot

My problem with Sherman starts the moment FOX Sports reporter Erin Andrews asks him to recount the final play…

Richard- game over. You have something more to settle with Crabtree, take it to the field next year. You made an ass out of yourself and as you admitted later (and as your coach pointed out to you), your rant showed flagrant disrespect to the other members of your team.

Don’t shed any tears yet- the other Seahawks really don’t have a problem with Sherman’s outburst. Neither do most of you.

And I don’t feel sorry for Andrews either. She’s a big girl; she’s a professional and she knows well the world she works in. Point of fact- that’s exactly the kind of interview that makes NFL football exciting for the audience. Most of the TV folks would not so secretly like to see more of it. (Read: “Erin Andrews on Richard Sherman interview: ‘It was awesome’” from

Remember that for years commentators have been calling the NFL the “No Fun League!”

Here’s the rub…

“Sherman’s agent, Jamie Fritz, told CNNMoney that interest in his clients has boomed since the remarks. While Sherman’s current endorsements amount to just a bit more than his $550,000 NFL salary, Fritz believes there are millions in deals that will be signed soon, — some before the Super Bowl is played Feb. 2.”  (

You LOVE Sherman’s tirade…and now you’re going to reward him for it.

I know plenty of people are upset over what they see as at best an unsportsmanlike display- but the fact remains that several key sponsors see dollars here…

…and they’re only willing to pay because you’re willing to buy.

Richard Sherman is a football player. Despite what some people think, he is a very intelligent young man and was an outstanding student as well as athlete in college. Right now he’s applying that intelligence to maximize his opportunity- so be it.

I don’t like what he did, but hell- it’s only football. (Yes- I did just say that.)

If you don’t want to encourage this kind of behavior, don’t support the sponsors that will no doubt be rolling out various clips of Sherman and probably fat middle-aged couch jocks throwing fits in their living rooms.

If you don’t care- keep buying this crap; from athletes, celebrities, politicians and their sponsors.

If you really want to stop bad celebrity behavior…just stop buying it. Unless you’re willing to put your money where your mouth is…or your mouth where your money is…